Islamic Society of Mid-Manhattan
154 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022
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A pleasant mosque that offers jumah and is open all day for salaat. During Ramadan, iftaar and tarawih are offered all 30 days. Women pray behind a green curtain during Ramadan on the 2nd floor.  

Islamic Society of Mid-Manhattan

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New York, NY
★★★★★  It's next to Omar's kitchen (a halal mediterranean restaurant). The brothers there are very nice. They asked me whether that was my first time visit or not, then they showed me the place for wudhu (on its basement/1st floor). The place is clean and nice.

New York, NY
★★★★  Good location. Masjid is easy to miss from the outside, but it has five floor of space on the inside!

United States
★★★★★  Mashallah amazing masjid to go pray in. It's hard to spot right away but if you're on foot and it's time to salat, it's perfect to go and pray in. Big masjid alhumdullilah. Last time I was here, a few sisters accepted Islam after jummuah. Alhumdullilah I got to be part of it.

Lawrenceville, GA
★★★★★  MashaAllah the masjid was very close to the manhattan and the time square area. It's a 3 story building with clean wudhu area and even a small Islamic shop that offers Hadith books, literature and some clothing. If you in the masjid please donate some money to keep it running.

Collegeville, PA
★★★  No frills 3 story musjid.

United States
NR  I said my jumah prayers last week when I was in New York. Nothing special about the mosque but needs a bit of extra cleaning. Location was very good - 15 minutes walk from 53 Street 7th Avenue. Even on subway it is convenient. Entrance is through a green coloured door between the shops so don't expect to see a minaret. Considerably large area for prayers. A request to visitors: Please donate generously so that they can spend more on a masjid so centrally located.

Washington, DC
★★★★  Good location, mosque is located up the stairs from a small entrance on 55th street, can be hard to find. It was relatively clean.

Bronxville, NY
★★★  This mosque is utilitarian. I looks as if it has been converted from apartments and is still basically laid out that way with space divided among different floors. If you work in mid-Manhattan it's a good, easy bet. You can be in and out and back to work quickly. Women's juma space is like in what would be a living room on in an upper floor apartment if the building were still apartments. Looks like a living room. Bathroom (clean) is like a powder room in an apartment. Nothing special, but comfortable. Other sisters nice and civil, but no real community feeling, since a lot of the sisters attending simply work or shop in the area.
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