Islamic Center of Connecticut
140 White Rock Drive, Windsor, CT 06095
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Also known as the Madina Masjid, this center was established in 1993 upon the principles of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah. Since its inception, we have been diligent in adhering to the correct understanding of Islam according to the Book of Allah, the Qur’aan, and the authentic teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (sallaa Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) upon the understanding of the Righteous Predecessors (as-Salaf as-Saalih).  Last updated 2 years ago

Islamic Center of Connecticut

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United States
★★★★★  Great imam!

Windsor, CT
★★★★★  [No review submitted]

Hartford, CT
  The Imam is extremely intolerant and has clashed with many members of the congregation. In doing so, I know many members have stopped attending the mosque for services and have looked elsewhere. I am a Connecticut local resident and have been my whole life. This is possibly the most conservative (which I have no problem with) and intolerant (which I do have a problem with) mosque in the entire Hartford area. Women are pretty much treated like crude. The Imam is highly arrogant. It's Salafi what do you expect? I won't be surprised if youthful fanatics come out of this mosque. If your looking for a mosque with a friendly atmosphere don't come here, I highly recommend the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford in Berlin,CT which is still religious albeit full of family friendly kind people that give Islam the name of a welcoming and warm religion. That community is Open-minded but still a community of good practicing Muslims. This mosque is a polar opposite of that community. Don't come here unless you want to get brainwashed.

United States
★★★★★  An excellent masjid in the Hartford area to attend! This masjid is probably one of the few Masaajid in the Greater Hartford Area that adheres to the sunnah the closest. Other masjids dabble in interfaith (not the good Da'wah kind) and other grey areas. The imam is quite knowledgeable and has studied overseas with many well known Shayoukh. The masjid has its own graveyard which is open to all muslims! There are many classes for both brothers and sisters that take place at the masjid. Probably the masjid in the area to attend!

Tucson, AZ
  Women are put in a corner.

United States
★★★★★  One of the best masjids in the Hartford area! The imam is very knowledgeable and is approachable.

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