Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati
8092 Plantation Drive, West Chester, OH 45069
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The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) officially opened on November 9, 1995. It is a facility of the Islamic Educational Council, the prime resource for religious, civic and cultural information on Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims in the Greater Cincinnati area. ICGC and its community promote understanding between different religions and cultures by providing vehicles for Muslims and non-Muslims to learn, interact, and build bridges, thus enabling Greater Cincinnati Muslims to serve each other and the wider community in which they live. Women have a balcony overlooking the main prayer hall. Juma'a prayer is held year-round at 1:15 PM (there is a second Juma'a at 3:10). No Imam.  Last updated 12 months ago

Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati

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United States
★★★★★  The best modern masjid on the area

Mason, OH
★★★★★  This Musjid is fairly modern, large and spacious, and architecturally stunning. Family from out of town literally treat it as a landmark and take pictures of it. As of late, a lot of initiative has been taken, with restorations made, an imam hired (officially has acquired a visa, soon to be joining the Musjid), a second Jum'a prayer is now being offered especially for students, and a new set of facilities especially for the youth are expected to begin construction soon. Those new facilities include a soccer field, a gated parking lot for basketball and overspill parking, a cricket pitch (overlaps with the field and the parking lot), improvements to existing structures, among other projects. The diversity is also brilliant. There is a huge amount of diversity with no single group dominating. There are Arabs, Pakistani/Indians, Black Africans, African Americans, white converts, East Asians, etcetera.

Coalton, OH
★★  There is no Imam.
The center is a very modern facility but is not family or children friendly.
The center's leaders are constantly nagging people about their children.
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