Georgetown MSA Prayer Room
37th and O Street NW, Washington, DC 20007
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Stationed in the basement of Copley Hall, one of Georgetown's central buildings, the Georgetown musallah is essentially the mosque for those studying or living on campus. Unlike many other college prayer rooms, this isn't simply an unmodified room that has been assigned as a 'Muslim Prayer Room.' Rather, this is a masjid with its own mihrab, carpeting, color scheme, and Arabic calligraphy. Mohammed Zakariya, American calligrapher and designer of the Eid Stamp, designed the Georgetown musallah, which has come to be known as the 'Mosque of the Two Pillars' for the two ornamental pillars that grace the entrance. It is a valuable asset for campus Muslims who can go there to pray, read Qur'an, and relax at any time. Students in other colleges often have to go off campus for the same masjid feel.  Last updated 5 years ago

Georgetown MSA Prayer Room

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Los Angeles, CA
★★★★★   This is beautiful prayer room located in the basement of a dorm building at Georgetown University. I prayed here recently as I was attending a conference on Georgetown's campus. This room is compact, but it definitely serves its purpose. It is very nicely decorated as well. I hope to return here.

Washington D.C., DC
★★★  Salaam. I've been here twice. Very nice. Very friendly. It's also very small.

Chicago, IL
★★★★★  This is probably one of the nicest places to pray in all of the Washington DC metro area. Mohamed Zakariya's calligraphy is awe inspiring and the room is painted in such a way that it has an inner glow. Check out the article about it in Islamica Magazine called "Sacred Space: The Mosque of Two Pillars"

Arlington, VA
★★★★  This prayer room is extremely difficult to access for those who are physically handicapped. There is no elevator that leads to the prayer room, which is not wheelchair friendly.

Arlington, VA
★★★★★  What a beautiful prayer room! Small, yet tastefully decorated, this room is an oasis for Georgetown students looking for a little peaceful reflection in between classes.
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