Masjid Muhammad
1519 4th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
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Vision Statement: To be a model, productive, involved Islamic community, noticeably contributing to the growth, solutions, and betterment of DC and the National Capitol Region, with establishments in religion, education and training, health and human services, housing for general and senior member care, neighborhood excellence, etc., embracive of all people, as a community that G-d established, exemplifying the universal teachings and life example of Prophet Mohammed (SAW), as taught by Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA).   Last updated 1 year ago

Masjid Muhammad

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Herndon, VA
NR  Women and men together . Very bad experience . It was a club

Boston, MA
★★★★★  I was only here for a few minutes to pray, but Alhamdulillah I really liked what I saw. I went on a Saturday afternoon, and there were a lot of people in the common space enjoying a meal together. The prayer hall was spacious and welcoming, and men and women pray in the same room (although I saw a little room attached to the back that women can pray in if they choose). There were people outside the masjid selling clothes, oils, some food, etc. Everyone I met was very friendly. I would love to come back here at a formal prayer time and meet more people, Insha'Allah.

New York, NY
★★★★★  AlhamdulEllah I have been fortunate to go to jumah prayers in different places all over the world. I usually go to the nearest masjid wherever I am and this Jumah my work took me to a location where this Masjid was the closest. I called on Thursday and a kind, considerate sister who was very much 'on the ball' told me the time of adhan, khutbah starting and prayer starting. I went on Friday and had to problem making vudu and sitting down to pray. Although some of the brothers did not say hello - unfortunately we all have barriers which we have to break down - other more than made up for it with hugs and kindness. After prayer the food there was great too and I saw some really great people and pillars of the African American muslim community, the wise old men of a few decades ago. I wish all muslims would learn from these folks and look forward to the day we become one brotherhood.

This masjid is simply the best masjid I have ever been to in the United States of America.

Owings Mills, MD
★★★★  Nice Masjid, warm family atmosphere. Very nice location, The address of 4th street is also known as "Islamic Way", for the block that the Masjid is on.

Washington, DC
★★★★★  Every Masjid has its up and downs. This Masjid has a lot of possitive things going for it. Clean, very friendly (you give salams and people return them), good food, khutbahs and lections that relate to our situtaion in America. Not anti American and NOT pro American either. They are VERY PRO community. Men and woemn sit in the same room but sit separatly. On the down side- the juma can be a bit long. You shouldh ave a enjoyable time there. It's majority African American but juma is very mixed.

Stillwater, OK
★★★★  I like this masjid! Very open, solidly American, down to earth, no outlandish rhetoric, grounded in a community. Predominantly African America but the attendees welcome all. Women and men in same prayer hall on different sides, which is excellent. Wish more mosques did that. Post-jumah there is a nice community mini-bazaar for men and women. People actually talk to you even if they don't know you, unlike most other DC-area mosques (in others, I've had people talk to me mainly if they want to tell me something about my clothing isn't right). People who love to hear Arabic catchphrases pronounced Gulf-style and see only Arab/desi clothing may not like it here.

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