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Islamic Foundation
300 West Highridge Road, Villa Park, IL 60181
13 reviews

Islamic Foundation was founded in 1974 and recognized as a tax-exempt organization by the United States in 1975. In 1983, a former public school building set in a 7.1-acre lot was purchased for $585,000. The house adjacent to this land was also purchased at the same time for use as a residence for the Imam. Extensive remodeling of the building was done in 1984 at a cost of $131,000, in order to equip the building for the community’s religious, social, and cultural needs. A Muslim cemetery with a space for 1125 gravesites was established in 1984. In 1988, a full-time school from kindergarten to 8th grade was established; soon afterwards, pre-school for children ages 3 to 5 years was added. The parking facilities at the Foundation were expanded with installation of floodlights in 1993. In 1995, to accommodate our growing community, we began constructing a new Mosque. In 1997, we began a high school with 9th grade, added 10th grade in 1998, and later added 11th & 12th grade.  Last updated 4 years ago

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United States
★★★★★  Nice, clean, big masjid with a lot of friendly folks.

United States
  Yesterday while trying to find parking for the Eid Fest, got yelled by your administration after I unknowingly removed a garbage can from the parking spot. This gentleman started yelling at me, "You never ever ever do this, you never ever remove it. This is fire hazard"
Mind you, there was not a sign stating "Fire Hazard" but this Wali of Allah somehow assumed that I was supposed to know this. MashAllah and congratulations for hiring such an intelligent and most knowledgeable person who ruined the family's Eid Fest. Keep up and continue to show exemplary manners and etiquette and set an example for our youngsters.

Oak Brook, IL
★★★★★  40 years ago, Islamic Foundation opened its doors to the Muslims of Chicago's Suburbs. It has been a pillar of the Lombard/Villa Park/Elmhurst/Oak Brook/Hinsdale area the entire time providing Salat, Weekend School, and Full Time School from Pre-K to 12th Grade. The expansion has been a blessing to the students in the school and it has provided countless baraqah to the West Suburbs.

United States
★★★★★  Very nice, big and spacious masjid. We were cross country traveling and came for Jummah with a two year old and there were a bunch of kids at the sister's side so the baby and mom felt welcomed. Sister's place is a Mezzanine level with balcony overlooking the brothers. Children's play space is also available.

Lombard, IL
★★★★★  [No review submitted]

Oak Brook, IL
★★★★  I've been going here since I can remember. This is one of the prominent mosques for the local Chicago area and hosts a large and increasingly diverse Muslim community. Yes there are politics but one day the leadership will be in the hands of new people, but mosque itself is great. I will say they pay their certified full time school teachers well below the national average for private school and have also offer subpar benefits. The full time school has been around for 24-25 years, there is no excuse for that. But again, the mosque itself is great.

Sterling, VA
★★★★★  Very nice masjid....this from a visitors perspective.

United States
★★★  Although this is the masjid that I usually attend i feel that its performance has been lacking of what a masjid should be. There is most of the time a disconnect between the congregation and the speakers at the masjid. not to say they never get it right but it usually is very plain and average. The masjid also doesnt have enough programs, it simply does a few programs few and far between and the 5 prayers including jumua. Although the recitation is amazing in Ramadan there is not very consistent programs even in ramadan.

United States
★★  I had gone to his masjid a few times. It has nice prayer areas and is very spacious with much more area for women to pray than I have seen in some other masjids. However, I do have one huge complaint. The imam charges for counceling. I was very dissapointed, because although I personally could afford it, we are talking about over a hundred dollars for an hour or less of work. In those times he was very rushed and continued to get my name wrong. I think it is better to go to someone who doesn't charge or who takes the the time to fully concentrate on the counceling service rather than phone calls and other people walking in. I think it is sad that an imam charges for those services, as many people who are not strong in religion but still are needing some religious advice may decide not to go to counceling because of the charges.

Sunnyvale, CA
★★  This is not a warm and welcoming community, perhaps because it's so large. Also, it tends to be very mono-ethnic. As a convert I have felt very much like an outsider. At Eid prayers I have felt virtually invisible. I also find the Imam of the masjid a bit arrogant and self righteous. Students at teh IslamicFoundation School tend to be turned off by his approach of "everything is haram." As a result, I pray elsewhere.

Lincolnwood, IL
★★★★★  I can only review this masjid as a visitor, so I cannot comment on their programs, although I do know that they are very longstanding and constantly growing community with a full-time school and Sunday school. It is a beautiful place to pray. The masjid has a grand exterior with a fountain that is a nice touch. The interior is really impressive with a clean, beautiful prayer space, large windows to let in the light and chandelier that is really unique: it is comprised of 99 glass lanterns with the names of Allah written on them.

The khutbas that I have heard recently were given by the Imam and were very topical and firm(but not harsh). The recitation here in Ramadan is probably the best in Chicago as long as they keep getting Imam Faisal whose voice will keep you entranced throughout the night.

Chicago, IL
★★★  The masjid is well run as an organization. Things more or less get done.

Friday khutbas have been inconsistent. There is no full time imam, so the khutbas generally are of three types:

1) Khateebs from masajid around Chicago who rotate from masjid to masjid, with their different styles and viewpoints

2) Out-of-town khateebs who come to give a khutba and then hit up the congregation for money for their cause

3) High School khateebs (who have graduated from the masjid's qur'anic classes) - they generally are given the less well attended second jum'a session.

Additionally, you can count on the masjid to ask you to donate to the school they are building, and to remind you of how bad the public schools are in doing so.

Bellwood, IL
★★★  [No review submitted]

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