Islamic Center of Tucson
901 East First Street, Tucson, AZ 85719
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The Islamic Center of Tucson (ICT) is an Islamic institution which was established in Tucson in 1966. It was founded by a couple of students at the University of Arizona who felt the need to establish a mosque to serve as a place to gather for prayers and to fellowship with other Muslim students. Until 1976 the congregation met in private homes.  Last updated 4 years ago

Islamic Center of Tucson

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West Lafayette, IN
★★  We were on vacation in Tucson and needed a place to pray without going back to the hotel so stopped here. There is no internal entrance to the women's section - you were forced to go back outside and around the back to even access it, which may fly in the rather desert environment since you don't have to worry about getting rained on very often. The women's section seemed bigger than most I'm accustomed to, but I was still not very comfortable, and the women were not very friendly.

Tucson, AZ
★★  This masjid used to be heavily influenced by Gulf understandings of Islam. Over the years I think it has been slowly transformed due to the diverse Muslims who have begun to take action within it. There is still a lot to be done as far as doing outreach, holding classes (and actually advertising classes so that people know about it) and of course there is the fact that sisters are in a separate room, which in masaajid usually results in few opportunities to see or have access to masjid leadership and the womens room used as a sort of babysitting room for people to dump their children in.

UPDATE: The community is moving in the wrong direction. They hired a foreign imam and the khutbas are now only in Arabic and therefore inaccessible to most of the congregants. What is the point? Use that money to send one of your own to learn and come back and serve as imam. He can better understand the community and the culture.

Tucson, AZ
★★★  As a sister, I found the women's space difficult to hear since there was no visual and children running about. They just completed one way mirrors for a portion of the women's area which would have allowed sight of the Imam but they were covered with opaque curtains the day after installation and have been so ever since so it is right back to how it was. A small number of sisters complained that they might be seen from the outside, although the mirrors were decided by all of them as a group to accomodate those who wanted to see with those who want more privacy. The space is large enough and there is air conditioning, and the one way mirrors would definitely help increase the connection to prayer and lectures but for now it is blocked off from the main prayer space.

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