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1015 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON
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  Despite the extensive renovations that have been done to the main men's prayer area and the sidewalk outside the carpet in the women's prayer area has yet to be replaced, and badly needs to be. The carpet is visibly dirty and permanently soiled. The women's restroom and wudu area regularly hold bad smells due to lack of regular cleaning. Despite this area of the city being heavily populated by Muslims, women sparsely attend juma at this mosque. In my experience, the small women's prayer space is only close to full on Eid-al-Fitr.

Mississauga, ON
★★★★★  I was in the area and it happened to be time for salat. I was impressed by the construction and cleanliness inside. The wudu area, washrooms were new, well-built (very very well-built) and clean. Thoroughly impressed with the design and features.

Mississauga, ON
★★★★★  Great Masjid. However administration needs to watch out for Qadiani/Saaalafis trying to influence younger attendees.

Toronto, ON
★★★★  Madina Masjid has been my local masjid for my entire life, and although it has taken them a long time, I honestly believe we have started to make progress. Within the last 2-3 years they have expanded there many services, particularly those for youth and children. A summer camp for muslim girls was launched last year and AlhumdulillAllah it was such a great success that it was held again this year. A boys hockey league was also started last year and it too obtained a huge turnout. Both these events are fully run by youth for the kids! I agree that as being one of the oldest masjids, we have not progressed as much as I would have liked, but InshAllah we continue to improve in the coming future. In terms of the Women's space, there is an entire floor dedicated to them and also a medium-sized room in the main floor. I love my community now and believe we have so much potential, InshAllah we learn to use it! =)

Thurrock, Thurrock
★★★★  I'm rathers saddened by the vast amount of money that the board of directors of Madinah Masjid are spending. Minarets and domes are truly a waste of money. The millions spent could have been invested in Islamic education for local children or feeding the poor overseas.
In any event, the board of directors notwithstanding, I love this mosque. I frequented this mosque since the early 80's. I've long since moved overseas, but I do miss the Saturday tablighi ijtamas and the meals and sleep overs after the bayan (speachs). A little rough on the edges, but I loved it.

I do hope that board of Madinah Mosque does not go the way of many other mosques and lose it's 'spirituality'by turning this place into a shrine to their vanity.

Brampton, ON
★★★★  I have an emotional to Madina Masjid. I remember the days when I was a new Muslim and used to travel 200km to attend the ijtima (gathering)on Saturday nights. This mosque has an interesting dynamic. The members of the board of directors are not great fans of the tabligi jamat movement, yet the mosque is a major tabligi centre. I figure they tolerate the tabligi brothers because of the large numbers of people that attend the Saturday ijtima (gatherings) and the possible financial consequences of not allowing allowing tabligi brothers to have their programmes (ie: mosque will lose money if the tabligis go elsewhere). The mosque, in it's present state, is a rather humble building and rather plain both inside and out. The mosque was originally established by the local Gujrati community, but has gradually become more multicultural over the last 10 or so years. As well, women have been given a place to pray in the basement - not a very nice place by many accounts (near the funeral facilities), but alot better than 10 years ago when the 'ladies section'was small broom closet. Overall my opinion of this mosque is rather good. I would prefer that the board of directors was more multicultural. Afterall a Mosque is a house of Allah and not an ethnic club. All Muslims should be allowed to participate in a mosques administration. A problem that this mosque, as well as many others, have a tendancy to spend donation money on rather UNNECESSARY AND COSTLY additions to the building. I wonder how spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on domes and minarets makes the lives of Muslims in Canada and abroad better? Maybe someone can explain that to me. Muslims in Canada need socical services and Islamic schools and not minarets. More fiscal responsibility would be nice to see.

Toronto, ON
★★★★★  I've been going to Madinah Masjid since I was a child. Other reviews are correct, that the main structure and areas within the masjid have not really changed. This masjid has people from all backgrounds praying in it. They have tafseer on Sunday's and a great Saturday night dawa program. There is no other masjid in Toronto that attracts over a 1000 people for a program other than Jummah. There is always, urdu, english and arabic translations for all lectures. The masjid is always active 24 hours a day with some sort of amal going on. Parking is a challenge with limited spots at the back, parking on the street is best. This masjid is accessed off Donlands subway station, go outside and walk east and you can't miss it. Madinah Masjid has about 10 halal eating spots right across the street. You can can get, pakistani, afghani, indian, and arab dishes at your fingertips. There are also a couple of great islamic book and clothing stores in the same area. During jummah's be prepared to see on of the biggest fruit and vegetable markets outside, as most people stock up on there way home. All in all, a great masjid with good programs to cater to people from all walks of life.

Toronto, ON
★★★★★  Very well known mosque. Offers 5 times salat, juma salat as well as funeral services. We should be all greatful to have a mosque of this magnitude in our city. Easily accessible from Donlands subway station, plenty of restaurants outside the mosque and most importantly, very diverse. You will see people from all over the globe. Managemen may be run by one group but they cater to all communitie's. Saturday night programs are very beneficial and should all make an attempt to attend. Great wudu area, prayer hall and a great place to visit.

Toronto, ON
  This is one of the oldest Masjids in Toronto. That must be the only good thing about it. Other than that, it's like any other Masjid from back home. They only programs they offer is the 5 times daily prayers and Tafseer on Sundays. No programs for students and the administration hates females. They intentionally try their best to make sure that females are turned away from the Masjid (the best places on Earth) even though they themselves send their womenfolk to the shopping malls (The worst of places on Earth)! Also, 20 years ago, it was a leading Masjid in North America. But they haven't done anything since then. One of the most stagnant, underutilized Masjids in North America. Probably because the committee members make sure that people of other races can't join the Masjid admin. A total waste of space. And as if the above points weren't enough, now they are embarking on a face uplift of the Masjid which will cost $1 Million dollars. [edited by admin] That same money could be used to start an Islamic School in that area. But no, they want to waste the publics money on an unnecessary project. [edited by admin] There are no weekly/monthly/yearly programs for the females at all and they intentionally discourage the females from coming to the Masjid.

Mississauga, ON
★★★★  Madinah masjid is the de facto headquarters of the all-powerful, universal and ubiqtuous Jamat-e-Tableegh. If you are not a regular to the masjid, you will immediately become aware that you are being watched and observed silently. I assume as a potential recruit for the jamat. Or am I being neurotic here! That aside, the men's area is very spacious and well-organized with good wudu facilities. A very open large sunny main hall to pray in. Surrounded by many Islamic shops and Muslims everywhere in sight in the neighborhood.

Salt Lake City, UT
  This is not the "most well known" in Toronto. This is a Tabliqi-Jammat mosque, and NOT filled with Pakistanis, but rather with Gujrati/Tabliqi muslims. It is in their tradition to only have the men attend the prayers, while the women observe 'pardah', therefore the accomodations for any women who'd dare to show up, would of course be not acceptable to others standards. I remember growing up in Toronto, back when there were only the Jami Mosque (downtown - the old church) and this Madina Mosque...and people were grouped by which masjid they went to. Only the Tabliqis went here, while the rest of the muslim community went to the Jami Mosque.

Bronxville, NY
★★  This mosque is one of the most well-known in Toronto. It's easily accessible from the subway. It is a strongly Pakistani mosque. The women pray in the basement. The space is accessible from a back door. The women's entrance was not obvious - I had to ask a little girl. I have no idea what the men's space looks like. There is no shelving for women's shoes so they end up clogging the stairs. I had the misfortune of needing to do wudu there before prayer. The women's bathrooms (also in the basement) were atrocious, small and dirty. Toilet is really the word to use for them. The sisters who attend jumua are almost all South Asian and it seems mostly Pakistani. It seemed as if most of the sisters did not speak English and as a non-South Asian I was not welcomed - not even a salaam from anyone. I felt very excluded simply because I was not of their ethnicity. As the space is in the basement there is no chance of seeing the imam or khateeb or of hearing them directly and the space is dingy - like what it is, a basement room. The khutba was less than inspired and didn't address any of the issues that Muslims are actually dealing with - was just very traditional about some point of fiqh. I would not go here again unless I found myself in the area at prayer time and had nowhere else to go. The brothers' experience might be very different.

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