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Islamic Information and Dawah Centre
1168 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6H 1N1
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This is the mosque headed by Shabir Ally of 'Let the Qur'an Speak' fame.  

Islamic Information and Dawah Centre

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Bronxville, NY
★★★★  This masjid is easily accessible by TTC. It's about one block west of the Dufferin station. Since it is on a first floor it is also wheelchair accessible. In fact, the brother who runs their bookstore is in a wheelchair, I believe.
As mentioned above, the mosque space includes a well-stocked bookstore and there are always free Islamic informational booklets and materials around the masjid. The decor of the masjid is very simple (it's a converted storefront) but it is clean and someone obviously pays attention to even little touches such as the plants on either side of the mihrab. Sister's bathroom is just functional and suffers from the usual masjid disease of being wet all the time. The prayer space of the masjid is essentially one large room. The women's area takes up about a quarter length of the room and is separated from the brother's space by a trellis divider. There is also a section of the women's area where there is a solid divider. This means that all of the sisters can hear the imam and khateeb and those who wish to see as well can easily do so without being easily seen. The women's space is large enough to accomodate little kids's wanderings. In my experience here women have as much access to whatever is being shared out or experienced as the brothers do. If there is a meal for example, we are sometimes served first and never forgotten, which is a welcome switch. For Eid the mosque gives out balloons to children. The khutbas are in English and of very high quality - well thought out, relevant to ones life. The congregation is mixed - some Arabs, some Guyanese Indians, some Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis as well as converts. The sisters are fairly welcoming here - particularly the older sisters who are regulars there. A comfortable space for converts.

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