Imam Mahdi Islamic Center
7340 Bayview Avenue, Thornhill, ON L3T 2R7
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The Imam Madhi Islamic Centre was founded in the middle of Sha'ban in the year 2004 to provide religious and cultural activities for the Iranian community of Toronto.  Last updated 4 years ago

Imam Mahdi Islamic Center

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Toronto, ON
★★★★  [No review submitted]

Richmond, ON
NR  Ignore the last reviews, i am of the board of trustees in this mosque. This mosque has been sold to iranians as of december 2010, and is not involved with any government or baha'i. It is simply an ithna asharia shia mosque which invites people of all religions and cultural backgrounds to attend.

Mississauga, ON
★★★  This masjid is also run by the bahai inspired World Federation organization, which has successfully introduced a caste system into the Shia community. By this mean a very strong Khoja concentration that prefers only mingling amongst their own kind.

★★★  Beautiful mosque. Dominated by East African Indians with a sprinkle of Pakistanis, Arabs, Persians and Africans. Bad Parking situation. Not very accessible by transit either.

Toronto, ON
★★★★★  Probably the largest mosque in Toronto, and with there new project they are making the largest mosuqe in North American Alhamdolillah.

Bronxville, NY
★★★★  This is a large, well designed masjid. The prayer space is divided down the middle by moveable partitions (like the kind used to form office cubicles). Men pray on the right, women on the left. I went there for an interfaith program - so there were Sunnis, Shia, Jews and Christians in attendance. The way the room is set up made it possible for both men and women to see the speakers with equal ease without having to see one another. The walls of the main space are decorated with vividly colored photos of famous masajid. There is also a separate room devoted to stylized models of masajid. The wall leading to the mihrab is decorated with the kalima in gold plus Ali's and Fatima Zahra's names. When I was there there was a large banner also hanging there that read "Live like Ali (a.s.), die like Hussain (a.s.)." There are prayer garments as well as clay seals available for anyone who wants to use them for prayer. This was my second or third time in a Shia mosque - everyone at this one was really welcoming and helpful. Most of the mosque regulars are South Asian (from the Khoja community). It's not a hardcore hijabi group - sort of half and half. The resident maulana who spoke as part of the program was eloquent and insightful - even though I don't think he is a native speaker his English was excellent. The basement of the masjid (a large space) is used for children's and youth programs. The night I was there they had a well-attended Qur'an reading competition for girls. Upstairs there was one for boys as well. Later that night they were having a sleep-over women's program. In short, this seems like a very active mosque.

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