Islamic Center of Stockton
1130 South Pilgrim Street, Stockton, CA 95205
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Stockton, CA
★★★★★  Salam i have been go to this masjid since i was little know there are two imams one does friday speech in urdu and the other in english,has a big parking lot,huge prayer area,a seperate meeting area were it's usally used for dua for the person that passed away,has a ladies area and bathrooms for the ladies,has huge mens bathroom,udu area and showers. This place was a elementry school before it was a masjid so has rooms upstairs for extra area if the prayer area gets full. It also has a kitchen and a basement that is used as a hall for dinner. Also in the basement there is a freezer room for the deceased person. The masjid also has a contract with the funeral home place so the funeral car can be used.

United States
★★★★  Nice big masjid. All pakistanis. Didnt see accomodations for women. Friendly ppl. Peaceful and quiet. Talks are in urdu.

Los Angeles, CA
★★★★★   I have been to this masjid many times. They are the first and original Muslim Community of Stockton, CA. They have a large wudu area (traditional --detached from the masjid) and a large parking lot. The Khutbas and talks are all in urdu as most of the people are urdu speaking.

Sacramento, CA
★★★  I've only been to this masjid during Fajr. The locals were a bit friendly if standoffish. As the other poster mentioned, all of the signs are in Urdu, so I have no idea where the wudu room is & only found the prayer room by opening one door after another.

Cambridge, MA
★★★★  Nice, comfortable prayer area, large-ish parking lot, and large wudu area (at least for the gents, don't know for the ladies).

Definitely got a Pakistani vibe to it: went between Maghreb and Isha, and I was the only one among 8 people present not wearing a shalwar kameez, and the signs in the mosque were written mostly in Urdu, some in English.
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