Islamic Society of Monterey County
405 Elm Street, Seaside, CA 93955
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Very clean and is located in a safe neighborhood. Was previosly a church before bought through donations by the community. Weekly Friday Khutbas, weekly Quraan Recitation/Tajweed Class on Saterday between Maghreb and Ishaa, weekly Class for women on Saterday between Asr and Maghreb, weekly Quraan interpretaion lesson on Sunday after Ishaa, weekly Hadith lesson on Wednesday after Ishaa. Daily Quraan recitation after Fajr prayer. Weekly revision of Friday Khutba on Saterday after Ishaa.   

Islamic Society of Monterey County

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Fremont, CA
★★★★★  We were in the area yesterday and visited this masjid. There were group of sisters who were conducting some lessons and gave us access to men prayer hall. Very very nice and clean masjid including bathrooms. The picture on this page needs to be updated.

United States
★★★★★  A great masjid. The new imam Sheikh Ibrahim gives a very good khubah and english translation. He also does halaqa and lessons. I have been going to this masjid for years and it is one of my favorites.

Monterey, CA
★★★  مسجد صغير جيد للقرى الصغيره، يعيبه عدم وجود مواقف للسيارات حواليه، و تمنيت لو ان الامام يخطب في يوم الجمعه بدون قراءه من مدونات.

Houston, TX
★★★★  The people at this Masjid are pretty friendly. Felt very welcome there. I was kinda wondering why one of the brothers took me (a convert) for a ride while there was a lecture giving to non-Muslim students from a local university. To this day I wonder. Other than that, it's a great place to pray.

Los Angeles, CA
★★★★★   This is decent sized masjid with a very nice and friendly Imam and community.

Monterey, CA
★★★  The Imam here is very friendly and has a very warm personality. Many of the followers here are DLI teachers who go between this masjid and the DLI masjid. Even though they are friendly it seems to me that there are "insiders and outsiders" here. Honestly I feel a bit cheated on the khutbahs. They are done in Arabic and if there is a translation, it is only a partial translation. One, he can go very into the khutbah for 20-30 mins and there is a less than five minute translation afterwards. Even when there is a long translation, it's still not the whole translation because I know he talked about more than that. While he was gone for a few months there was a sailor from Yemen who was very learned in Islam and gave great khutbahs and seminars on various topics. He also warm and friendly and was also really good at English which was a plus.

Other than that, this masjid serves the basic needs. The women's section is downstairs and they have a speaker and also a tv for them to be able to follow what's going on in the men's section. There is a GREAT library down in the women's section, and that's also where several classes are held. There is a youth group here too and they are very friendly.
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