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Jame Abu Bakr Siddique
2665 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough, ON M1P 2S2
7 reviews

The Scarborough Muslim Association is a Non-profit, registered charity located in the centre of Scarborough (East Toronto) where over 140,000 Muslims have settled and the Muslim population is growing rapidly. It provides the following services to Muslims since 1984: Daily five times prayer Fridays, Eidain, Taraveeh congregational prayers (over 2000 Muslims attend our congregational prayers), Islamic School teaching Muslim children Quranic recitation, Hifzul Quran, Aahadith and moral Islamic values, Family and youth counselling, Dawah programs, Marriage and funeral services. All of the above programs and services are conducted at the existing building which was purchased in 1992 with two acres of land. In order to meet the growing needs of the Muslim community, the management has planned to demolish the existing old and small building and construct a new mosque and school building with bigger facilities to provide better services to Muslims as following: A bigger prayer facility to accommodate over 3,000 Musallis (separate prayer hall for sisters), a full time Islamic School for academic and religious teaching, full funereal and burial services, a large Islamic library, multi purpose hall for community services, and youth development programs throughout the year.  

Jame Abu Bakr Siddique

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Toronto, ON
NR  One of the best Masjid in GTA. It's clean

Toronto, ON
★★  [No review submitted]

Toronto, ON
★★★  This is aesthetically a very pleasant masjid (one of the nicest in Toronto), and is kept very clean. There are a lot of facilities offered and the masjid has a lot of resources at its disposal. I cannot speak much about how the masjid is administered, although I do know it frequently solicits worshipers for donations - perhaps due to the high monthly maintenance costs associated with the masjid.

Two criticisms I have of this masjid, unfortunately:
-Urdu is spoken very frequently in Friday khutbas as well as in other communications (second to Arabic), as opposed to the English language that is predominantly spoken amongst the local citizenry. I have no problem with my Pakistani Muslim brothers and sisters or the Urdu language. However, here in Canada, most of the Muslims and all of the youth best speak and understand English. Outside of Arabic, no foreign language has a place in a masjid that is supposed to represent a vast Canadian Muslim community, in my humble opinion. By often delivering khutbahs and other communications in Urdu as opposed to the English language, this masjid does a disservice to the many Muslims (of various nationalities throughout the world) who come through its doors each week seeking to come closer to Allah and to learn more about how to practice their Deen better.

-The parking lot for this masjid is huge, but, it's never enough on Fridays. There are simply far more cars that need a parking spot than there are parking spots available. Fortunately, there is some street parking nearby, but, I'm disappointed that so much money was spent on this masjid and not even adequate parking on Fridays is available.

★★★★  Seems like they got it right the 2nd time around. About 15 years ago they renovated it but it all went wrong. But one thing I don't understand is that for such a big building it has one of smallest prayer halls in Toronto ! The gym, ladies area, walk way etc. Is all bigger.

I wish these people who design these buildings would take a look other masjids around the world.

★★★  Architecturally, Abu Bakr Masjid is one of the nicest masjids in Toronto. There is a generous space for women overlooking the mens area, numerous classrooms, and a large parking space. Very close to Halal restaurants as well as public transit. Having said that, unfortunately, the feel you get in the masjid is not as pleasant. If you do not belong to the predominant race of the masjid, it feels as though you're always being watched by the others. There is loud chatter in the womens area up until the moment the Imam says 'Allahu Akbar', and for a while it felt more like a social gathering than a masjid congregation. The Masjid just had its grand opening and there have already been complaints by the Imam over the P.A system about males and females mingling on Masjid premises while tarawih salaah is going on. This Masjid has enormous potential, and I do hope those congregants adjust their behaviour so that this Masjid does not turn into some local hangout.

Toronto, ON
★★★★  I went to this masjid today. It's brand new and aesthetically certainly one of the nicer masjids in Toronto.

Decent amount of parking spaces outside.

Because the masjid is so new and I'm new to Toronto, I don't have much else to say.

The masjid was clean inside, has very good wudu facilities (although taps are small in number) and there seems to be a generous women's space. There are also classrooms and offices from what I could see.

It's clear this masjid hasn't been used much yet (and doesn't have that "lived in" feel) because it is so new.

Toronto, ON
★★★★★  Assalamo alaykum w w

Mashaallah new masjid started today. This is Beautiful masjid in Toronto.

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