Islamic Foundation of Toronto
441 Nugget Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1S
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Also known as the 'Nugget Mosque', this is one of the largest and most active masajid in the GTA. The Islamic Foundation of Toronto is one of the oldest Muslim organizations in Canada. It was established in 1969, when an old 3000 square foot building, with no parking space, was purchased at Rhodes Avenue and converted into a mosque. The 2.3 acres land, where the Islamic Center currently stands, was purchased in 1984. It was a giant leap towards the vision of an institution beyond a neighborhood mosque - a center that would provide quality programs in areas of religion, education and social services for the Muslims of Greater Toronto and bring them closer.  

Islamic Foundation of Toronto

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United States
★★★★  When I first visited this place I fell in love of it. The place is so organized and clean. It was around Maghreb and I could hear the voices of youth reciting Quraan I believe this was the hifz program. They have full time school that is rated 10 according to Fraser last year. They also have a long waiting list. What I didn't like is the poor response of the school secretary/admin. They don't pick up the phone nor reply to the voice messages. But they did answer my email alhamdulellah

★★★  This place has no less than 11 imams and has been strategically been taken over the Gujarati molanas... Typical Ingar takeover

★★★★★  The Islamic Foundation of Toronto is one of the overall best Masjids in Toronto. The building architecture, the accomodations, the facilities, the programs, the location, the prayer space, the recitors, and the people are amazing Alhamdulillah. The Imam is very engaging and well-liked by his congregants. The sisters area is in a balcony overlooking the main hall, and many sisters find this set-up very comfortable. The Foundation offers many programs from halaqas, youth groups, soup kitchen days for the poor, tafseer classes, a full time school, madressa, summer school, hifz classes, and much more. Definitely a Masjid to visit!

★★★★★  Affectionately known as Nugget Mosque, this multi-ethnic Masjid represents the diversity of Scarborough (likely the most multicultural borough in Canada). It's a full service Mosque for both young and old. It serves as a voice for the Greater Toronto Area community. And, it organizes many programs and conferences with guests from all over the world. The Mosque strikes a great balance between modern and traditional. Imam Badat's words of wisdom usually pack the main prayer hall on Friday (and every nook & cranny on holidays) so come a few minutes early.

Mississauga, ON
★★★★★  Islamic Foundation is surely among the top three Islamic Centers in the GTA area, possibly top-five in all of Canada. It is bustling with people, young and old, foreign and local, converted, reverted, perverted what have you. Fantastic building, spacious and has a fabulous library inside too. Hosts numerous small conferences and educational events through-out the year. Two of the biggest Islamic Bookshops in the GTA area are right next to it as well.

Toronto, ON
★★★★★  I wish every single Masjid in North America was like this Masjid. Everytime I go here, I feel so calm and peaceful. Almost every week, they have some program going on here. They have many programs for the youth as well as the sisters. They have the best Islamic School in Toronto. A really nice two story parking lot. Everything is nice and clean. Keep up the great work Islamic Foundation of Toronto. It's a pleasure to visit Masjids like IFT. They have a very good after school program as well and their Imams recite the Quran very nicely. I love this Masjid. Unlike other Masjids which collect money from people and then waste it on unnecessary construction, this Masjid actually uses the money for productive programs. I've never been to the Sister's floor but my told me that she loved it and it was one of the best Masjids she has been to.

Bronxville, NY
★★★  You can't miss this masjid, either architecturally or in terms of its activities in the community. It serves as a space for community service work and lectures and is the headquarters for the New Muslims Support Group/P4e, an active reverts GTA group. As such a strong contingent of reverts are regulars at this mosque. The regulars tend to be on the conservative side - women in face veils and abaya, bearded men in shalwar kameez or Arab robes. Men tend to avoid speaking to women who are not related to them so if you are female and new to the masjid and/or have a question and there are no women around you are pretty much out of luck. The same issue comes up in other matters where interaction between males and females be necessary. The sisters are friendly and eager to help. The usual mix of S. Asians and Arabs, though since this is a center for converts activities there are also a lot of black and white Canadians here, too. Inside the mosque is pretty cavernous with large functions rooms and several floors. Women pray on an upper floor in a glassed in balcony room that overlooks the main (men's) prayer space. From what I could see, the men's space is light and airy and looked like a peaceful place in which to pray. The women's prayer room is pretty utilitarian and the women tend to pray in the dark - off-putting for some and objectionable if it is so to protect the males below from any chance of glimpsing the heavily veiled women above. I found the plain-ness and darkness of the room helped me focus my prayers. The sisters seemed pretty earnest in their prayer focus as well, which helped, alhamdullilah. The bathrooms are clean. The masjid is easy to get to by car, not as accesible by public transit. There are two bus lines which pass it, but they do not run late, so if one stays late for an event, it is necessary to try to secure a ride from one of the other participants. Not my favorite GTA masjid, but definitely one worth going to for its many programs.

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