SABA Islamic Center
4415 Fortran Court, San Jose, CA 95134
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SABA Islamic Center has a unique position amongst all other Shia-Muslim Associations in North America that its' membership comprises of Urdu speaking members from India and Pakistan, Persian speaking members from Iran and Afghanistan and Arabic speaking members from Lebanon, Iraq and other Arab countries along with the English and Spanish speaking members. Please use the back entrance of the building.  Last updated 9 months ago

SABA Islamic Center

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San Jose, CA
★★★★★  I didn't expect to see such a big number of people ... I am impressed and Mashallah everything is well organized ... In Ramadan they have daily Iftar and they bring good shaikhs to give speeches

United States
★★★★★  I have been attending this community for the last three years while I'm on vacation visiting family. I always find it fair-minded inspiring and very, very welcoming. If I lived in the area it would be my second home.
I'm thrilled and grateful for two important things:
1.) the opening of their own elementary school.
2.) the kind reviews that non-Shi'a Muslims have left. I'm touched by Sunni-Shi'a Unity and an very happy to learn they felt very welcomed by this community.

Sunnyvale, CA
★★★★★  This is my regular masjad. Alhamdulillah, it is a beautiful community. We have one of the best Alims(leaders) in the USA; Maulana Abidi is so knowledgable, devoted and humble masha Allah.

Los Angeles, CA
★★★★   I am not Shia but came to this masjid to attend the Nikkah of a friend. I found the community to be active and quite hospitable. The masjid is pretty big and I noticed they have a fairly large dining hall. I don't attend lectures or programs here as I do not follow the shia school of thought, but I would return here if there were an event I was invited to.

Pittsburg, CA
NR  Haven't been here yet . I'm looking forward to attending . Just wanted to put it out there for others

San Francisco, CA
★★★★★  A very large masjid that offers five days prayers, including two friday prayers sessions. This is a progressive Shia masjid that offers several multi-denominational and inter-faith programs. Most programs are offered in Urdu, English and Farsi. The library offers a good collection of supplements and books for check-out. This masjid also has a huge kitchen where there is a dedicated staff that cooks all meals there. Donations are highly encouraged.

Plainsboro, NJ
★★★★★  Programs are held in English, Urdu, Persian and Arabic at the same time in different halls.

San Jose, CA
★★★★★  I'm not Shia but have been here a couple of times for community events. Very large prayer hall and facility with kitchen and conference rooms. Interesting that they cook all their own food for events in house and make both spicy and non-spicy dishes to cater to the Desi as well as Persian crowds! Very friendly people. Highly recommend to visit the SABA center even if you are not Shia:)!

Cupertino, CA
★★★★★  [No review submitted]
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