Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center
100 Malcolm X Boulevard, Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120
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The ISBCC is the largest Islamic center in New England, and the second largest on the East Coast. The 70,000 square foot building stands tall on Malcolm X Boulevard in the heart of Boston, a Muslim handprint on the city skyline. The cornerstone of the New England Muslim community. The ISBCC is not just a mosque, but is also planned to house a school (by 2013), a library, an interfaith center, an exhibition space and a morgue. Every Muslim neighborhood in the greater Boston area has had a hand in its construction, and its leadership reflects the full diversity of our community. The two-decade effort to build the ISBCC has brought together Muslims, the Roxbury community, the city of Boston and the leaders of other faith groups. Mayor Thomas Menino, State Senator Dianne Wilkerson and City Councilor Chuck Turner have all publicly announced their support for the ISBCC. More than 250 leaders of different faiths also attended an Interfaith Solidarity Event to support the establishment of the ISBCC. The ISBCC has been regularly featured in local, regional and national media.   Last updated 5 years ago

Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center

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Boston, MA
★★★★★  Probably the biggest mosque in Boston. Lots of activities. Cafe serving delicious food, run by Singaporean family. Bookstore selling Quran, different books of Hadith, and others too.

Berkeley, CA
★★★★★  MashAllah, spacious masjid. Came here for jumu'ah and Imam Suhaib gave the khutba. This is a lucky community! The athan was beautiful, the khutba was so beneficial. May Allah bless this community!

Boston, MA
★★★★★  Alhamdulillah, this is by far my favorite masjid. I attend it as often as possible, and insha'Allah I hope to raise my family here someday so that my children will be able to come here. This brand-new masjid is located right in the middle of Roxbury. It is huge, boasting several floors, numerous rooms for prayer and activities, office space, parking, and a dome and minaret. Alhamdulillah, the masjid is incredibly diverse. Women can choose to pray in the main space downstairs or in any of the rooms upstairs (you can hear the imam in these rooms) without any problems. There is usually no barrier in the main hall except for jummah, when there are poles used as dividers between the men's and women's sections (most women and some men pray upstairs during jummah because there is more space there after the main hall gets filled). I really like this masjid in that it aims to serve a huge community, and it puts a lot of emphasis on doing good in the community and interfaith activities. The imam, Imam Suhaib Webb, is absolutely wonderful, Masha'Allah; he has done so much for the community here and has really made the masjid a center for American Islam to flourish. Along with the five prayers, there are activities and events almost daily (see the calendar on their website for more details). There are weekly halaqas, monthly meetings especially for converts, official classes on fiqh, Arabic, and general 'ilm (dubbed the "Ella Collins Institute" after Malcolm X's sister), social services helping people in need of food, clothing, and other aid, spoken word/poetry events, and even gatherings to watch football or basketball games on the big screen in the cafe! (We Bostonians love our sports!) This is a truly special place, and I would encourage everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim, to come spend some time here; everyone is welcome anytime!

Skokie, IL
★★★★★  Subhanallah I visited last month and this is probably one of the largest mosque that I've been in. There is a coffee shop, book store and school as well. I was impressed by the brothers who run the masjid for the kindness and hospitality and hope to visit again if given the chance.

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