Germantown Masjid
4944 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144
7 reviews

Also known as Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabawiyyah. Jumu'ah Prayer 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm.  Last updated 3 years ago

Germantown Masjid

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Hartford, CT
★★★★★  This Masjid is one of the best I've been to since I've been Muslim,they are upon the Salaf and are connected to the Ulama...their hospitality is great and I love the Masjid and the brothers there for Allahs sake...the Imam there Talib Abdullah is from Brooklyn NY and is a well known student of knowledge...Anwar Wright,Jamil finch and others attend this beautiful Masjid...

Darby, PA
★★★★  MashaAllah this masjid is so big and well kept and clean. I appreciate how the sister and brothers sides are clearly marked. They offer many opportunities here to seek knowledge, wed, fri, sat and sun after maghrib as well as a class for new muslims sunday mornings for sisters at 10 am. I would not recommend trying to attend fajr here if you are a sister. . As you will not find the doors unlocked.

Plainsboro, NJ
★★  I'll try to be fair, insha'Allah. I know nothing about how the brothers are here. I went here once just after I took Shahadah in 2006 for a class. The sisters seemed rather mean, hostile and pugnacious in their dealings with each other-exactly what Islam is not about. I stayed with Islam, but I never went back to this Masjid because leaving a Masjid should make one feel peace-I was in tears on the way home instead. Over the years I heard many horror stories about this place, none that I know for a fact are true. I can and did go to any other Masjid and was fine in Philly and elsewhere. But the way the sisters treated each other that day there made me never want to come back here insha'Allah.

North York, ON
NR  I really love this mosque. The brothers there are sooo welcoming, May Allaah reward them and their families with Jannah. I visited Phili
in the summer and came to this masjid a few times and everytime I came here I felt like I was at home with my family. They display true brotherhood. They buy you food give you a ride are kind to you and treat their guest soo kindly. Now I'm contemplating on moving to Phili with my family. The masjd has nice classes and are upon the Sunnah in accordance to the way the companions understood it. It's pretty small but you won't mind because everyone there treats you like family and you'll think you're at home.

Philadelphia, PA
NR  there are quite a few people there but i find that their teachings do not completely agree with the teachings that are commonly known in the muslim world

Philadelphia, PA
★★★★★  As-Sallam Alakium I have been attending this masjid for several years and love it as well as my children I recommend if your ever in the area to visit inshallah they offer classes too.

Blackwood, NJ
★★★★★  Yesterday i visited the masjid to inquire about their marital services and i was very impressed and pleased with the treatment that i recieved. The brothers and sisters were warm and very compassionate about my well being. Needless to say from this day forward inshallah i will attend this masjid. may ALLAH be pleased with them.

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