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Masjid al-Jamia
4228 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
8 reviews

The MSA at Penn founded Masjid al-Jamia in 1973 to provide a beacon for Islam in West Philadelphia. Currently, the Masjid is the largest mosque in Philadelphia and caters to a very diverse and vibrant Muslim community.  

Masjid al-Jamia

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Tampa, FL
★★★★  Went to this masjid for Dhuhr today. The atmosphere was real good and the locals were friendly. The bathrooms are small but well maintained and clean.

San Francisco, CA
★★★  Located very close to Drexel U and UPenn. Large masjid with lots of student attendees. Lectures are decent. I would return next time i'm in the area.

Collegeville, PA
★★★★  Home of an active muslim community, many youth events put together through this masjid by committed individuals.

Lincolnwood, IL
★★★★  This is a nice masjid with a diverse congregation and beautiful recitation by the imam. The sisters section was a bit small but prayer was well attended by men and women alike.

United States
★★★  The imam has beautiful recitation (taraweeh is excellent), but the masjid is not managed well (the sisters are secluded in a small room full of children and a bad sound system). It is the biggest masjid in the area, has a number of Muslim stores around it, and is expanding its community events and outreach, however.

Bronxville, NY
NR  This is in response to the sister's post because she is a new Muslima. Find another masjid to attend where you will not be shamed when you come to pray - to turn you away from prayer is a serious matter. Insha'Allah this conduct did not in any way erode your iman and you are still striving in Islam. When you attend another masjid and are actually allowed to pray you will notice sisters wearing a variety of clothing styles appropriate for prayer. If Masjid al-Jamia has a rule about exactly what a sister should wear (in this case, a minimum $40 - because this is what they cost - jilbab or abaya) with an attendant gatekeeper deciding who can pray and who cannot then they should provide outergarments enough for every sister who wants to pray there.

Philadelphia, PA
NR  As a new Muslima,I took my Shahada before Ramadam 2004, I was looking for guidence and a place to pray near my job. I was refered to Masjid al-Jamia by a MSA student via email. I went to Masjid al-Jamia for Jumma on one Friday and received a very strange welcome. I entered the Masjid to pray and was directed to the womans prayer area. But the woman at the door to the womans prayer room would not let me in to pray because I did not have an overgarment on. I had believed that I was sufficently covered (my hair was covered and I had on long sleeved shirt and loose fitting pantts) She spoke little English and I wasnt sure if this is a requirement for prayer? But due to the communication barrier I was unable to ask more questions. I would like to attempt to attend Jumma there again but I am a little put off by my first experience.

Palo Alto, CA
★★★  One of the largest masajid in Philadelphia. It was started by alumni of the University of Pennsylvania, which is a few blocks away. The leadership seems to be trying to reach out to the community and do some family-friendly activities, and I pray that this is expanded in the future. I pray that the masjid is able to bring someone in permanently who speaks English fluently to relate to the students and children in the community.
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