Islamic Center of Greater Toledo
25877 Scheider Road, Perrysburg, OH 43551
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The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, built in 1982 on 40 acres of land and one of the most photographed mosques in the United States, is the culmination of the dreams and aspirations of the handful of Muslims who migrated to this part of America 75 years ago, and many others who followed their footprints. Today, more than 20 nationalities are represented in the Center. The Center in addition to fulfilling the religious and cultural needs of its members, provides an important bridge of understanding between its members and the community at large. In that, the scope and purpose of the Islamic Center goes well beyond the typical objectives of a religious organization.  

Islamic Center of Greater Toledo

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United States
★★★★★  What a beautiful experience the Sunday afternoon lectures are. Kindness surounds you at every turn.
The wonderful meals that are served for special events are first class. The Imam greets all with a smile and welcome.

Lincolnwood, IL
★★★★★  Arrived in time to catch the crowd for Jumma and it was a wonderful sight. The masjid is beautiful inside and out and the notice boards in the mosque and attached school are full of activiies. The main prayer hall is under a large dome, beautiful chandelier, and has beautiful Islamic stained-glass windows. The legitimacy of the barrier in the main space is best left to scholars, but I know that is nice to have options like this for those that feel that it is correct.

Toledo, OH
★★★★★  If you're closed-minded and traditionalist, then this isn't the place for you. On the other hand, if you're open-minded, progressive, and not limited by archaic preconceptions of what a mosque "must" be like, then this is the place for you. There's nothing wrong with women and men praying in separate but adjacent groups. The "token barrier" is simply to delineate women's and men's prayer areas.

Chicago, IL
★★  Sisters pray in the same rows as brothers, 'separated' by a token knee high 'barrier' and sometimes the children cast votes to allow sisters to pray in front. Wallahi this is true as photos from the masjid's own website show. There is nothing 'traditional' about this masjid besides the architecture.

Owings Mills, MD
NR  gorgeous masjid, very spacious, plenty of resources. Ideal location

Bronxville, NY
NR  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to enter this mosque. I did however, see it from highway 75 North. You cannot miss it. It dominates the cornfields around it and is incredibly beautiful. It has been designed to be seen from the highway. A prominent sign labels it for highway travelers. I keep wondering what non-Muslim Toledo residents who regularly pass it think...

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