Masjid Miami Gardens
4305 NW 183rd Street, Opa Locka, FL 33055
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Masjid Miami Gardens, completed in 1997, is located on the border between Broward and Miami-Dade Counties and serves Muslims living in these two areas. The mosque is 2,500 square feet and the land owned by this community is 10,000 square feet. It is the largest mosque in South Florida and prides itself on accommodating ethnically and theologically diverse Muslims. A large green carpet with many yellow lines (saf) covers the mosque?s floor. The places during prayer for Muslim men and women are separated with a fabric curtain. Both Muslim men and women have their own door entry and their own place for wudhu (ablutions). Beside the mosque is a house for mosque keepers and an office. In front of the mosque is a huge parking lot and a basketball court. This mosque, with Masjid Miami, is organized by a committee called the Muslim Association of South Florida and is associated with the ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). This committee consists of a chair, general secretary, and financial secretary, and organizes everything related to the two mosques. The committee, whose membership is open to every Muslim, changes every two years.  

Masjid Miami Gardens

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Miami, FL
★★★★★  Masha'Allah lovely Masjid indeed! Sisters have the whole second floor just for us! There is also a small section on the first floor for sisters if the second floor is closed off. Wonderful Jummah Khutbah. May Allah Azzawajal grant us all a place in Jannah.... Insha'Allah Ta'ala

Miami, FL
★★★★★  Very friendly congregation. This Masjid has recently expanded and became one of the most prettiest and largest Masjids in Miami Metro area. They have great Iftar and Dinners on a Daily Basis in Ramadan.Imam for Taraweeh is very knowledgeable and distinct.The Juma is at 1:45PM. I believe they also have Sunday school and Family night last Saturday of every month. They have a great selection of home-made food after Juma prayers.

Lincolnwood, IL
★★★★★  Fantastic masjid! A bit of a hike from Miami but well worth it! Beautiful masjid, diverse congregation, good khutbahs, and a really strong community feel. Everyone stays after jumma and samples food from the 4-6 vendors outside dishing out halal food from all over the world. People gather at picnic tables on the masjid grounds making it feel like an iftar every Friday.
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