Islamic Society of Delaware
28 Salem Church Road, Newark, DE 19713
4 reviews

Also known as Masjid Ibrahim, the Islamic Society of Delaware is the largest mosque in Delaware and very active in interfaith activities. The mosque hosted Senators Joseph Biden and Tom Carper shortly after the September 11th attacks.  Last updated 8 months ago

Islamic Society of Delaware

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Newark, DE
★★★★★  Attended Taraweeh and their Imam, Sheikh Abdul hadi who is a Al-Azhar graduate has an amazing recitation. They have added an elementry school also in 2011 which is attached to the masjid. I believe they have plans to add up to 8th grade. Currently only up to the 6th grade.

Community is very diverse and even the operating board is a mix of people from all over the world including reverts masha Allah.

United States
★★★★★  Beautiful masjid, masha'allah. One of the nicest around and worth the 25 minute drive from my home town atleast once a month. The demographic is definitely more diverse than described, which is a great thing. The vibe of unity is surely felt here.

United States
★★★★  Lovely masjid, very clean bathrooms (both men and women). My wife and I stop here every time when traveling between NY/NJ and MD/DC - it's almost perfectly in the middle of our route, maybe 5-6 minute away from Route 95. Still active as of January 2011. They pray at the earlier Shafi'i 'Asr time, check their website for the current times.

Just a tip: ignore your GPS and take exit 3B from the south or 3 from the north, both to 273 West. Follow your GPS from there. Take the same road back to 95, don’t waste your time traveling on local roads - the University of Delaware is right there you might stuck in traffic.

Newark, DE
★★★★★  This is a great mosque they just finished a whole new section o it. I have been going to this mosque since i was born, in fact my 2 uncles were there to help establish it and build it and whatnot. They helped a lot in Sunday school and in the committee. They have a big section for women on a second floor which looks down into the 1st the second floor is like an indoor balcony looking over at the 1st floor, it is absolutely beautiful with nice chandeliers and art around it.

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