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Masjid Ar-Rahman
15 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001
7 reviews

This masjid is located on 15 West 29th Street between 5th Avenue and Broadway. The masjid is within walking distance from the 34th Street It is a basement space located underneath a Halal Indian-Pakistani restaurant.  Last updated 9 months ago

Masjid Ar-Rahman

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New York, NY
★★★★  Nice space in a good location. Entrance path can be a little crowded at times.

New York, NY
NR  women have bathroom in women section

Jersey City, NJ
★★★★★  Good spacious mosque with a very diverse population coming in to offer prayers ( Which is very heart warming and inspiring to me).
It has two floors and a separate prayer area for the Ladies. The rest rooms and area for Wudoo are well maintained. The collection of Quran and Islamic books is very large and any body can read them as long as he/she is in the mosque.
The best part i liked about the mosque is that as the people come in for namaaz and the Jamaa't is up, they team up and offer namaz in Jamaa't again.

Yes , Friday prayers are very busy and draw huge crowds. But please remember ( as of July 2011) there are three Friday prayers as per the following schedule

First Prayer (Jamaa't) 1:00 PM at the Masjid

Second Prayer (Jamaa't) 1:15 PM in the adjoining Church

Third Prayer (Jamaa't) 1:30 PM at the Masjid

May Allah bless the people who come to these mosques and those who take care of them.

Houston, TX
★★★★  Enjoyed the khutba when I went. I was also very pleased with the diversity. However, it gets EXTREMELY crowded during jum'uah and consequently, very hot. Some brothers have to pray outside. Addtionally, sisters have a very humble prayer area. This masjid should definitely invest in expanding--seriously! Other than that, good place. There's two halal restaurants in the vicinity.

New York, NY
NR  I have prayed juma prayers. Busy masjid. Many brothers come for juma prayers. There is a church next to it that offers juma prayers too. 15-20 mins later. Nice speech on jummah. Beautiful masjid.

Washington, DC
★★★  Masjid located between 5th and Broadway,located between two halal restaurants, only blocks from Madison Square Park. Clean masjid, has men's wudhu. The women's area is small, but they don't have wudhu for women, although there is a bathroom for sisters, but it is not always open. A good option for brothers, I think women might find it lacking due to the wudhu situation, although you can do wudhu in one of the neigboring restaurants. It is a new mosque, so it is still growing.

New York, NY
NR  Recently built in central Manhattan.

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