Islamic Cultural Center of New York
1711 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10029
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Opened in 1989 and sometimes referred to as the '96th Street Mosque', the Islamic Cultural Center of New York fills an entire city block in Manhattan's Upper East Side and is currently the largest mosque in New York City. The purpose-built mosque was designed by the prestigious architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill and financed mainly by contributions from various Muslim countries. The mosque regularly draws over 4,000 faithful for Friday prayers and is a regular stop for many NYC tourist buses. ICCNY can be reached by the 96th Street and Lexington Avenue subway stops of the 6 train.  Last updated 5 years ago

Islamic Cultural Center of New York

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New York, NY
★★★★  Beautiful masjid and very spacious! It's a little crowded if you're exiting for jumu'ah. The outside architecture is quite unique for New York.

Brooklyn, NY
★★★★  Beautiful masjid with great facilities, only issue i have is the women that are always begging outside, not the masjid's fault though.

Lawrenceville, GA
★★★★★  I was in the area yesterday and must say that this masjid is beautiful. It can not be missed. It was too early for salaah so I went to masjid al Aqsa in Harlem.

Elmhurst, NY
★★★★★  Here is the best place in New York I have ever seen where muslims can pray.

New York, NY
★★★★★  By far the landmark of places of worship for Muslims in NYC. If you are visiting NYC for even one day you should make this a must see, for the architecture and spirituality of this place. Its a pity that the main prayer area is not open for all salaat every day, instead they use the lower prayer hall which is more convenient, and well-worn. There is a store, loads of food sellers outside on a Friday, and plenty of information always at hand. Ladies facilities on a Friday and at Eid are good. It can be congested when entering/leaving, so keep your shoes with you. The nearest subway stop (only one block away) is the 6 (green) train, and the M15 and M103 buses also run very close to the mosque.

United States
★★★★★  Arguably the most notable masjid in New York. Located in 96th street, finding parking is not as burdensome as finding parking in the areas more south (mid-town/financial district areas).

Yonkers, NY
★★★★  This is a very beautiful masjid. During Jumu'ah, women are in a balcony above the men. Any overspill of men and women is downstairs in the daily prayer hall where women are in cubicle like spaces behind the men (open view). This masjid is not child friendly. If you have a child under 6, you may have problems. Sometimes, women kick mothers out of the balcony. The cubicle spaces, while open and allowing for a view of the room, also allow children to slip away from you and run into the men's area or into the hallways.

There is a small Islamic bookstore on the first floor, and there are often vendors of hijabs, books, and food outside on Fridays (and sometimes on other days).

If you attend Jumu'ah, there is usually either a janaza prayer or people accepting Islam.

The crowd is diverse, and they often bring in great speakers for Ramadan. Every Muslim visiting New York City needs to stop here to pray.

Owings Mills, MD
★★★★  Very nice Masjid, conveniently located. Gorgeous architecture, very spacious, nice bazaar outside after Jummah

Albany, NY
★★★★★  I really liked this masjid when I visited it. It felt like a mosque... it felt like Allah(swt) was there... hard to explain, but not all masjids give me that feeling. I liked the little alcoves for the Sisters--I didn't feel like a second class citizen... instead I felt like I had my own little suite where I could focus on Allah(swt). I only wished that I lived closer so that I could go more frequently. The khutbah I heard was good...and the Imam's English was quite good as well.

Washington, DC
NR  I went to the masjid one time. You can't help but to be impressed by the architecture of the place. Clean bathrooms and the sisters space during non juma days is decent.

Washington, DC
★★★★★  Great masjid, has a diverse group of Muslims. The masjid is kept in great shape, beautiful to the eye, and is accomodating to a diverse array of Muslims. Also has a small shop in the first floor, and is always open.

Bronxville, NY
★★★★  Beautiful, clean and comfortable. It is however, the only mosque that I've been to in which other sisters warned me to watch my bag and shoes. But I guess if you have a completely open access building in NYC you have to worry about stuff like that. The wudu area is very nice and quite clean. The women are separated from the men during prayer into cubicles/rooms by floor to ceiling opaque curtains. I haven't actually been there for jumuah so I don't know how things work then. I found the little rooms to be really peaceful spaces in which to pray, probably less distracting than the brothers' space where people are constantly coming and going.

New York, NY
★★★★★  This is a beautiful Masjid. They have brought in some amazing speakers and sheikhs for Ramadan. women's area on the first floor/basement as well as in alcove/balcony above main prayer hall. In the basement there is audio/tv to hear the kutba.

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