New Brunswick Islamic Center
1330 Livingston Avenue, North Brunswick, NJ 08902
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The New Brunswick Islamic Center (NBIC) is a not-for-profit Muslim educational and charitable organization based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. NBIC offers a wide range of religious, educational and charitable services to Muslims and non-Muslims in the Central New Jersey region. NBIC operates Masjid al Huda located at 167 Remsen Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ (Jumu'ah and Tarawih prayers are held at 1330 Livingston Avenue, North Brunswick, NJ 08902). The community served by NBIC is very diverse. The Muslims who attend our center come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, including African American, Latino, South Asian, Arab, African, and others. In addition, we offer numerous outreach activities to our neighbors and local community institutions, including universities, schools, and churches.  Last updated 2 years ago

New Brunswick Islamic Center

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Paramus, NJ
★★★★★  The cleanest and most vibrant masjid in all of jersey.

Has an awesome educational program geared to all age groups: children, youth, college students, converts, mothers, fathers, intense seekers, casual seekers, and elders.

There are many youth programs such as basketball

New Brunswick, NJ
★★★  This Islamic center is interesting. The Imam of Salah, Qari Abdel Basit, has a great recitation and it's very enjoyable experience to pray salah with him. Though, the educational activities of the center are run by a Sufi who organizes Mawlid and group Dhikr Bida' nights. It is very clean and nicely maintained. Though be cautious of the bida that is organized.

Morganville, NJ
★★★★★  I've just visited the newly leased space at 1330 Livingston Ave, North Brunswick, NJ 08902
very spacious prying room, simple very well designed, huge wudu and bathroom area. great effort from the management and community members. Taraweeh prayers will be held there this Ramadan.

San Francisco, CA
★★★★  The New Brunswick Islamic Center is pretty small in size but large in unity. The community was filled by a large variety of all types of Muslims. The brothers I met there were very inviting and accommodating. Please note: Friday prayers are not held here as there is another location very close by that holds Friday prayer service every week.

New York, NY
★★★★★  This is one of those beautiful little masjids who may not have a great outward looking facade or facility, but inward it is a strong, wonderful group. And I don't mean that as an empty compliment. Really, after seeing many other masjids, I often think back to New Brunswick and realize the greatness of this masjid. So, yes, the facilities could need some improvement. Let's get it right: It's clean and neat. The main issue is space, especially for sisters. Khatibs that come in for khutbah - great. I've heard some great khutbahs here. In Ramadan, back then at least, Qari Abdul Basit (not the famous Egyptian one) would bless us with his beautiful voice. Close to rutgers. Salam.

United States
NR  Please note that Jum'a prayer is now held at a different address - 1330 Livingston Ave, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Yonkers, NY
★★★  The building is very small. It's an old apartment with a basement, located on the corner. While the interior is plain or shabby, and the wudhu / bathroom facilities lacking, the heart of the community is strong. The women's area is small (it seems to have been a bedroom), and can get crowded when the university is in session. NBIC has been trying to raise funds for a new building for years. I recommend sisters make wudhu before coming to the masjid, if possible.

The heart of the community is strong. Women are involved here in every aspect: governance, and education, an aspect that NBIC is very strong on. The community is mixed: West Africans, Pakistanis and Indians, some Arabs, students, older males who work in the city, and a core community of young American families. Many classes in the traditional Islamic sciences, through their sister organization, the Gibraltar Educational Initiative.

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