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Islamic Society of Central Jersey
4145 US Highway 1, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
7 reviews

Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ), a non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of New Jersey is a non-profit, religious, charitable and educational organization. Islamic Society of Central Jersey is committed to providing Islamic services to the Muslims in the Central Jersey and neighboring areas. ISCJ is a non-political, religious organization. It encourages its members to be good citizens and participate actively in local, state and national affairs and elections. As a service to its community ISCJ invites elected officials and community leaders to keep our community informed of current events and issues and their positions on those.   Last updated 2 years ago

Islamic Society of Central Jersey

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United States
★★★★★  The Islamic Society of Central Jersey is a blessing to have in suburban South Brunswick, New Jersey (next to Princeton) and very welcoming. This is one of the largest regional mosques in the north east and caters to a diverse community from various backgrounds. Two Jumua prayers are open, so parking is rarely an issue now. The mosque sits next to a separately managed full-time school and offers a weekend school program and a Qur'an memorization program. There is a full-time dedicated Imam.

Franklin Township, NJ
★★★★★  Islamic Society of Central Jersey has excellent Seminars.

Princeton, NJ
★★★★★  good turn out. excellent Kinnaman khutba. no parking. issues.

Jersey City, NJ
★★★★★  I went there to offer a Juma prayer in Last week of June. The mosque was spacious and clean. The crowd was decent, well behaved and a mix of all ethnicity.
The area is very accessible and in a a beautiful suburbun area.

Please remember that you can't have huge mosques in USA so any mosque with capacity of more than 200 worshippers is a blessing.

As for the Car parking problem; Yes, you will suffer if you are a late comer. If you are in time, there will be NO problem.

Will visit again InshaAllah for Eid prayers and update the review

San Francisco, CA
★★★★  Located adjacent to the Noor Ul Iman school. Offers five daily prayers. Space is limited. I heard they have a dedicated Imam, however when I was there I did not see one. The prayer and Wudu area are both very clean.

Chicago, IL
★★★  Nice architecture, mihrab, etc. The community is warm and vibrant. Khutbahs are more political than spiritual and visiting women aren't asked to cover themselves in any way. Very interfaithy, sometimes feels like a spectator sport.

United States
★★★★  One of the more beautifully built masjids in New Jersey, the Islamic Society of NJ has a diverse body of worshipers. The area around the masjid is serene and quaint. The masjid offers several programs and is often packed on Fridays. Nevertheless, significant parking issues remain; notably on Friday, one must wait for nearly 20-30 minutes for cars in the parking lot to make way and exit out of the lot. Despite that, the masjid is probably one of the most notable in Central Jersey.

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