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Masjid al-Fayza of Miami
36 NE 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33132
5 reviews

Masjed Al-Fayza, sometimes also called Mushalla al-Fayza, was set up five years ago in downtown Miami to allow Muslim men and women who work in this area to perform their daily and Friday prayers. Before this mosque was established, many Muslims found it hard to leave downtown for prayers, especially for Friday prayer. In 1999, a group of Muslims rented three rooms (220, 221 and 222) at 39 NE 3 Avenue and combined them into one room. The room was then turned into a mosque that many Muslims now find to be a convenient place to pray. This mosque serves a multicultural community, with a large Malay, Indonesian and Filipino contingent. The mosque population is also transient since it includes downtown workers, the crew of ships docked in Miami, and tourists from Miami hotels.  Last updated 4 years ago

Masjid al-Fayza of Miami

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United States
  I was very happy to find this bearby mosque and decided to go there for isha and Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan. At first, I couldn't find the mosque. Took me half hour to pin it down. It's inside a mall, which was closed (after hours), and because of that reason, so was the masjid closed. :-/ khair InshaAllah.

Brooklyn, NY
★★★  very clean and well kept masjid. people were nice. there is a women's area. only problem was the bathroom is shared with the mall (public) and even though it was locked it smelled terrible...wouldn't bring family here but i guess not the purpose. this masjid is very close walking distance to bayside mall, like 4 mins.

London, England
★★★★  Small prayer area in a small shopping centre in downtown Miami. Went there whilst on holiday. Taxi drivers couldn't find the area, we had to work it out ourselves, close to bayside mall. Brothers very friendly and accommodating. Khutba was good. Closest to south beach area

Fontana, CA
★★★★★  I really enjoyed the khutab the few times I got to attend while traveling. The people were nice, but this is a small musallah in a indoor mall on the second floor, so it's great for commuters, but doesn't open for all of the salawat :( Definitely the closest masjid if staying in South Beach.

Miami, FL
★★★★  It's in Downtown Miami, so it can get really crowded. The khutbahs (lectures) are really good there. Very small area for the sisters though.
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