Dar Al-Noor Islamic Community Center
5404 Hoadly Road, Manassas, VA 20112
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The Muslim Association of Virginia (MAV) has recently opened Dar Al-Noor in Prince William County, VA. Sunday school is held at Garfield High School. Dar Al-Noor activities include: all daily prayers, Friday prayers, Eid Services, Taraweh Prayers, Sunday Fajr Halakah, Friday Maghrib Halakah, Sisters Halakah (Saturday), Community Welfare, Interfaith, Arabic Classes (Wednesday), Weekly Youth Group Activities, Counseling Services, Educational Programs, and much more. The community is growing rapidly and is quite active.  Last updated 1 year ago

Dar Al-Noor Islamic Community Center

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Woodbridge, VA
★★★  This is no rumor. This is my own personal experience: after the imams wife became upset with me and dumped me and my children in the parking lot at NIGHT with all our belongings - all of a sudden I had A LOT of trouble with police and board of education about my children and social services. When I later told her I had all that trouble after that incident with her, she pretty much admitted that she had something to do with it and "promised" me that from there on I would not have "any more trouble" - AFTER she threatened me to not make the nikah with anyone for at least ten years , including with her husband! But, yes the BUILDING is beautiful and they do the five salats for congregation.

Herndon, VA
NR  Modern people but
Beautiful masjid.

Woodbridge, VA
NR  Its a decent masjid located off hoadly rd, only bad thing is the administrators inviting politicians into the masjid and rumors of working with haram intelligence agencies

United States
★★  I came to this mosque during Ramadan and I thought it had a rather odd Iftar, there were tables for some, the floor for others, in the spirit of Islam we are all equal and the mosque people should know this. It was strange to see the big-shots of the mosque dining at tables with larger portions, and plentiful food, while the rest of us sat on the floor.

I also understand that other religious groups were invited, though very few attended, perhaps the mosque people should look at their own habits for reasons of the minimal attendance by other religious communities.

Last but not least, there were some of the most misbehaved children I have ever seen, and parents really have control their kids.

San Francisco, CA
★★★★★  This masjid is pretty active in the community. They hold weekly programs for brothers, sisters and youth. The masjid is new and is maintained very well. I went there during Ramadan and was impressed.

Washington, DC
★★★★★  I've been here a few times while passing through the area, this is a very pretty masjid, with good-looking and clean facilities. It seems to have a strong community, and the people I met there were nice.

Woodbridge, VA
NR  The masjid has recently been completed and is fully functional, the only work that still needs to be done is landscaping..so parking gets to be a hassle during jum'as and such. The community is very friendly and diverse, the Imam speaks well and is loved by his congregation. There is a bus stop in front of the masjid for the Omni link.
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