Irving Masjid
2555 North Esters Road, Irving, TX 75062
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The Irving Masjid serves the estimated 100,000 Muslims that live in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The center's goal is to serve the Muslim population by providing a Mosque and an Islamic school. It also provides Islamic activities to strengthen the Islamic community ties socially and religiously.  

Irving Masjid

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Sugar Land, TX
★★★★★  Love it very vibrant community as a whole!

Irving, TX
★★★★★  Nice area to worship Allah.

Euless, TX
★★★★★  [No review submitted]

Irving, TX
★★★★★  [No review submitted]

Friendswood, TX
★★★★★  Very Clean. Nice womens prayer area. Area for kids to play outside. Ample parking. Conveniently located.

Arlington, TX
★★  I was dissappointed with the fact that such a large facility that boasts a great amount of wealth can be on the greedy side. I asked about having a nikah there and being able to bring some food so that the people who came from long distances, some from overseas can be treated well. However small this request was the imam could not commit to a day more than a week in advance and could not be ceratin even then. Needless to say the concept of bring food there was not something he was in favor of. I was so disappointing to be refered to a banquet facility to have our nikah. The sunnah is to have a walima after the nikah so that people can eat and congradulate the couple, not to go broke on two banquets. It was diappointing to be told in a round about way that we just need to go elsewhere and spend a lot of money. I respect the mans religious training, but I did not appreciate the lack of commitment or the fact he demanded a flat rate of $150.00 to perform the nikah. For someone practicing the sunnah I thought it was rather SHOCKING to be asked for a high monetary amount such as that after we just told him we can't afford to do a big banquet hall. I've never read any haddith where the Prophet (saw) asked money to lead prayer, marry someone, or any other service as such. Very disappointing at the heart of things, but yes, the building is pretty and clean if that means anything in the end...

Alpharetta, GA
★★★★★  outstanding new facility, everything is clean and state of the art. huge community, multicultural and located close to dfw airport. excellent accomodations including glass enclosed rooms in prayer hall for people with small children.
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