Masjid Noor
1032 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743
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Masjid Noor is located in Huntington, on the north shore of Long Island in Suffolk county, New York. The masjid serves as the central hub for the muslims in the area. We have a thriving community surrounding the masjid and many families live close to the masjid and participate daily in the masjid activities. We invite you to come and visit us, and if you live in the area to become an active member of the masjid. Please register on the website to receive regular updates.  Last updated 2 years ago

Masjid Noor

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Farmingdale, NY
★★★★★  MashaALLAH it is a beautiful masjid with an amazing group of community members. They are so kind and supportive and welcoming.
They also hold maktab (Quran) classes for boys and girls monday - friday from 5-7 pm. It's an excellent opportunity for all ages to sit and learn the book of ALLAH SWT under qualified teachers.
May ALLAH SWT bless this masjid and it's people. Ameen.

Huntington, NY
★★★★★  A great, warm, welcoming little masjid! Built after we moved into the neighborhood, it's visible from our place and we're glad to have it here. My dad spoke in favor of it at the town hall when people voiced concerns that a masjid's increase in traffic might cause accidents - we won and request that you please drive carefully at the Park/Broadway intersection :-)

I haven't had a chance to speak to the current imam but the women's floor is lovely and I walk over to pray now and then when I feel like praying in congregation. My little cousin Farjad does the same. There are speakers on the second floor so I can follow the imam. It's nice to have that space available even when I'm the only woman there. Fridays are packed though, and part of the 2nd floor closed off, so try to arrive early for Jum'ah at Masjid Noor if you're female. Otherwise, feel free to drop in and pray whenever, the doors are always open to men AND women. God bless America

Huntington Station, NY
★★★★★  Saturday Islamic school is an excellent addition. Strong youth presence and the new imam is v good. Ample parking and good location.

New York, NY
★★★★★  A terrific Masjid with a strong youth presence and a native English speaking Imam. The sisters have a whole floor just as large as the brothers area. Newly renovated with excellent facilities.

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