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Al-Noor Islamic Cultural Center
5001 Wilcox Road, Hilliard, OH 43016
3 reviews

Noor Islamic Cultural Center (NICC), also known as (The Center) is a facility owned and operated by American Islamic Waqf (AIW), a charitable non-profit religious organization. NICC was opened for service in September 2006. It was designed and built to host many activities to serve the Muslim community and the community at large. Since its inception in 1998, AIW, via a foundation style management structure, has been governed by a Board of Directors that manages and administers the organization according to the provisions of its bylaws. All activities and functions at any AIW facilities, off-site functions or events are approved by the Board of Directors of AIW and may be held and administered by paid staff or volunteers. All members of the Board of Directors are unpaid for their duties. The NICC facility is intended to be a platform for community service, a stage to display, share and promote Islamic family values, high morals, good citizenship and helping the needy. Our Organization has been founded on the premise of partnership with all those Muslims and Non-Muslims who wish to contribute to the benefit of a good and healthy society.   Last updated 4 years ago

Al-Noor Islamic Cultural Center

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Fremont, CA
NR  Noor is easily the most beautiful masjid in Columbus arguably, in a good neighborhood, with ample parking n multiple jummah prayers starting 12 noon, unlike predominantly Somalian mosques in the city, this one is mixed with English mainly as the source of communication, unlike Umar Bin Khatab masjid, this one has, not just Arabs but south Asians and others too in attendance, only minus point be prepared for some taweel salahs, if u manage to attend one in jammah. Friday evenings they try hard to have a event in place n sometime it turns out to be good too mashallah :)

United States
★★★★★  Great faith in this Mosque.

Columbus, Ohio
★★★★★  This is the biggest mainstream Islamic Center in Columbus and has a quality membership. There are so many programs at this Mosque that you can't count them on your fingers. I think this is going to be an institution that will be here for many years to come. If you want to visit the most beautiful Mosque in Columbus, this would be the place! Here is my full review of NICC on the

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