Alameda Muslim League
731 A Street, Hayward, CA 94541
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The Jum'ah Khuthbah (sermon) starts at 1 pm. The prayer (iqamah) is at 1:35 p.m. Daily Salaah, Qur'aan classes, Islamic studies classes. Imam is Syed Yawar Husain Rizvi who holds classes and does 5 daily prayers.  Last updated 4 years ago

Alameda Muslim League

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Auckland, AUK

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San Jose, CA
★★★★  This masjid is primarily Fiji masjid, but they are open to everyone. The masjid is still open and they are planning to do some renovations soon InshaAllah including upgrades to entry way, restrooms and kitchen area. Limited parking on the property, but there is plenty of street parking and nearby city parking lots (walking distance).

Newark, CA
NR  I called this masjid yesterday to see of they were open to avoid coming to a locked masjid and the number seems to be disconnected so I passed and went to another masjid on Hayward.

Hayward, CA
★★★★★  Very nice masjid and I go here for programs and the imam is very gud they a new one now don't his name but he speaks in Urdu and English

Auckland, AUK


Them majority of people who I see here are either from Fiji or Yemen, but I also see some Afghani and Indian/Pakistani brothers, and occasionally some from Palestine, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


Appears to be quite open to people of diverse theological schools. Most of the Fijian brothers appear to be Deobandi (Jamaati) or Bareilwi (Milaadi), and most of the Arab and some Fijian brothers are Salafi/Ahl-ul-Hadeeth, and all of them appear to get along really well.


The Jumu'ah Imam/Khateeb (either Deobandi or Bareilwi) only speaks in Urdu (no translation service), but the Shaykh who conducts Thursday's Tawheed class gives it in English, and so do the teachers who conduct the Sunday Qur'an/Islamic Studies classes for children.


They don't have a separate ablution facility so you have to use the restrooms, but they are clean. They have chairs for old/sick people to sit and pray. I think they clean and vacuum every Thursday or Sunday. Women's prayer section is separate but the main entrance to the place is one. Everything is on ground level so wheelchair access shouldn't be any problem.


Entrance and parking is in the rear. I haven't counted but there's space for maybe 3 dozen cars.


They have Tawheed class for adults on Thursdays after Ishaa for 15-20 mins, and Qur'an & Islamic studies classes for children on Sunday. They also have Qur'an classes for adults on Thursday between Maghrib & Ishaa and sometimes I see them on Sunday after Zuhr. Arabic language teaching is also available but I don't think anyone is interested!!

They don't have a fully functional library, but apart from the mushafs (of course), they have copies of Sahih al-Bukhari, one incomplete copy of Tafsir Ibn Kathir and some other books. The "Tawheed Shaykh" also has a library of English/Arabic books at his home that he lends out.


Overall, a very nice, cohesive and open place with potential to improve. The only thing I really don't like at the moment is the Jumu'ah speech which is not in English so a lot of us don't understand.

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