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Muhammad Islamic Center
157 Hungerford Street, Hartford, CT 06106
2 reviews

Muhammad Islamic Center and The Clara Muhammad School of Hartford Connecticut, are praying for the abundant blessings of Almighty God, Allah. Our goal is to bring together families, children and the community to provide complete wrap around programs for our community. We want to develop a thirst for Islamic education, highlight the importance of independent and critical thinking, and promote moral excellence. We also want to use technology to prepare our children and community for the future. We have developed Computer Labs and programs to enhance the educational and social experience based in Qur?anic and Islamic principle  

Muhammad Islamic Center

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Albuquerque, NM
★★★★★  I really enjoy coming to this masjid for the Friday Jummah prayers. Being an English speaking, America-born person of Pakistani decent, I often don't understand the purely Arabic or Urdu khutbahs. I get nothing out of them except the sense that I fulfilled my duty to offer Jummah at the masjid. At this masjid, it is always a wonderful learning and spiritual experience. The khutbahs tend to be intelligent, relevant and inspiring. Even when there is a guest khateeb, it's usually a very interesting talk. This is the kind of masjid that I feel other masjids need to follow in order to keep the English speaking community interested and inspired. Too many masjids follow cultural Islam traditions that cater to a certain immigrant group. Not here, which is why I identify with the message and spirit of this masjid. May Allah continue to elevate and bless this house of His. Ameen!

Tucson, AZ
★★★★  Community of WD Muhammad, (Sunni) largely African American but welcoming to all. Small, community feel. Women in same musalla as men for prayers and programming, except juma when they go to a decent upstairs area because the main musalla is modest in size. Unfortunately, khutbas tend to be very long and over the heads of most people there.
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