King Fahd Mosque
11004 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232
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The King Fahad Mosque is open daily for all five prayers. Check the schedules at our calendar and other pages on their website for special and continuing programs. Owned and operated by The Islamic Foundation of Shaikh Ibn Taimmiyyah, the entire project was guided by then Director General and present Chairman of The Board, Dr. Khalil Al Khalil. The Sheikh Al - Islam Ibn Taymiyah Foundation has supervised the project of King Fahd mosque in Los Angeles since its commencement. It is responsible for management and future activities. The establishment of this foundation dates back to 1400H (1980). Its activities began in the Muslim Student House in the city's western part. The idea developed further and a house was purchased in the same area for prayers, lectures and Dawa activities. The foundation is an Islamic charity organization legally recognized by the official US. authorities. it is exempted from taxes, entitled to own property and practice religious, educational, informational and intellectual activities throughout the United States. The foundation's established objectives are: propagation of Islam in the light of the Glorious Quran and Traditions of Prophet Muhammad in keeping with the method of the righteous predecessors; preserving of the Islamic Faith, unifying Muslim ranks to regain their rights and be proud of their religion and civilization; construction of mosques, schools and colleges, organization of conferences and publication of books; linking Muslims in America with their Muslim brothers everywhere; and enhancing cordial and humanitarian relations with various foundations, engaging into a mutual dialogue based on justice and pride.  Last updated 4 years ago

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South Africa
★★★★★  fantastic masjid. Signature saudi glitz and glamour - it was a gift from King Fahd afterall :) Marble stairs, eastern mosaic, clean and soft carpets, very big and spacious. Good to attend a masjid that looks like a traditional masjid as opposed to a basement or 1st floor room thats been converted.

One issue: As we entered, we wanted to park in the basement. Brother at the entrance says "to park there you need to 'donate' $10' - i dont mind donating to a masjid but forcing it on someone before they can park is not cool. Anyway i only had 1 $50 bill on me, asked if he could break it and keep $10, give me $40 back. he didnt have change and after a minute of whispering to his security guy - let us through.

Corona, CA
NR  Any idea if they are hosting a Qiyam-ul-Layl this year? I can't seem to reach anyone at the office.

United States
★★★★  My wife and I came for Jummah here on Nov 26, 2010 and Dec 3rd, 2010. Beautiful building, plenty of parking their underground parking deck, lots of wudu and bathroom space. I think the women were upstairs while the men are in the main hall. There are a few zabihah restaurants within a short drive if you're in the area.

Lincolnwood, IL
★★★★★  My wife and I visited in the afternoon between zuhr and asr and we were surprised to find the doors open to any and all visitors. The masjid is beautifully decorated with calligraphy and tilework and the prayer space feels peaceful and spiritual. While we didn't meet anyone as we came in between prayer times, we did find flyers and posters for upcoming classes, lectures, and a ping pong tournament. There is also a small library off of the library with a good collection of tafseers, hadith collections, and other Islamic books.

Los Angeles, CA
This is the only main Sunni/Traditional Masjid in West-LA. The masjid is beautiful as it has a dome, and minaret. Inside you will find breathtaking architecture and calligraphy. It is not built like most masjids in the U.S. (It was built from scrath with Saudi Money).

I find the community there to be really friendly and welcome, however I don't really find it to be much a community as the masjid does not do any community/family/social activities except 1 class on Tajweed and iftars in Ramadan. The iftars in Ramadan are really enjoyable to go to.

Parking is not a problem as it has a multi-level underground parking structure, as well as neighborhood parking as well. (But can you can not park in the street during Jumma time).
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