Islamic Association of Greater Hartford
1781 Wilbur Cross Highway, Berlin, CT 06037
6 reviews

The mission of the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford (Berlin Mosque) is to establish Islam as a way of life within the Muslim community, promote it in the American society, and share this vision with other Muslim communities across the country.  Last updated 2 years ago

Islamic Association of Greater Hartford

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United States
★★  Masjid and Imam/President are NOT approachable :( this masjid looks good but lacks personality from board hence masjid is horrible. A little bit upper class mentality.

Boston, MA
★★★★★  How dare this mosque promote UNITY? Well, they do dare :)
It's a very clean and well maintained masjid with plenty of room for women and men.
One of the few masjid organizations that actually promotes UNITY between Muslims. Very refreshing.

United States
★★  Very beautiful masjid from the inside and out. Sometimes they have excellent people come and give Jumu'ah khutbah. Other times its just random people giving it. Community is nice. However they are involved in too much interfaith in which they advocate every religion. Being a traditional Sunni masjid they even advocate shia'a events! Asides from their shady activities the masjid and community itself is very nice and accommodates everyone. But sometimes it is too accommodating with regards to other faiths.

Hartford, CT
★★★★★  Arguably, the best mosque in Hartford County. I grew up in this mosque and with the members of the congregation. They are the most open-minded friendly people in the Muslim community in CT you will meet. Everyone can worship in peace here without being judged or name-called unlike other mosques in the state. It's welcoming and observant, something that is a rare quality in today's American mosques. Tolerance is a big pillar of its success. Everyone will greet you with a smile here. The mosque population has dramatically increased in the last few years due to this welcoming vibe. I highly recommend this mosque for the tolerant and the happy.

Tucson, AZ
★★★★  Nice masjid. Clean. Women in a balcony with see-through glass. Decent programming. For the open-minded, religious crowd. Has a good relationship with the Muslim community at Hartford Seminary

Framingham, MA
NR  The address is not correct it takes you to a house. Tried to call and it is a non working number at a edu [EDITORS' NOTE: This has been corrected]

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