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Renaissance Academy
14401 Owen-Tech Blvd, Austin, TX 78728
3 reviews

The Mission of Renaissance Academy is to graduate students with academic excellence, leadership skills and distinguished moral principles who contribute to society and fully live the values of Islam. Founded in 2007, Renaissance Academy gained full accreditation within it's second year of operation, and has had record enrollment since opening. As an Islamic School, the revival aspect of the word Renaissance brings back memories of the 8th to 16th Century when the Islamic World contributed greatly to the arts, agriculture, economics, industry, law, literature, navigation, philosophy, sciences, sociology, and technology. A period during which Islam was understood as demanding that Muslims work hard and progress in all fields of science and inquiry while being open-minded and tolerant of peoples and ideas from throughout the world. At Renaissance Academy we want to bring back this spirit of Islam so that our students can progress academically, exhibit the highest standards of moral excellence, and have the skills and motivation to contribute to the betterment of society.  Last updated 2 weeks ago

Renaissance Academy

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Pflugerville, TX
  The school is run by a five member board, all from the same Indian background. The board does the principles job too. The administration is so poor that teachers hardly stay more than a year. The teachers leaving have written letters to parents stating how they were harrassed for the grades of the children of these board members. When questioned about this, the board members replied that it is their right that thier chilren get these grades. Parents are treated unrespectfully and there is no place for objection to the way things are done. The board openly preaches islamic values but are the most corrupt adminstration I have ever seen. Academics beyond the elementary grade is poor because no good teacher stays long enough to tolerate the nonsence the board members put forth. Even if there was no other option for an Islamic school, I would never opt to keep my child in this unhealthy unIslamic institution.

United States
  This school used to be the best school in Austin when Principal Malley was there. Now that he has been replaced, the school has sadly gone down the drain. It is now a sorry excuse for an islamic school and college prep school.

Round, TX
★★★★★  Excellent school with accelarated curriculum with special atheletic programs like Ice Skating, Soccer, BasketBall; emphasis on building strong moral character and leadership skills with well rounded personalities.

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