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Mustafa Center Mosque
6844 Braddock Road, Annandale, VA 22003
14 reviews

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Mustafa Center Mosque

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Springfield, VA
★★★  Khutbah today at 2:30pm Friday by young Afghan Imam was on basic Islam principles of Quran, Salat

United States
★★★  Parking; Cleanliness, Nice mosque but ONE really major aspect that I did not like in there and is stopping me going to Mustafa Mosque. It is not quite at all; once people gather they talk... talk all worldly things inside mosque which is not allowed and against the rule of a mosque; which they don’t get it and no one says that because even the responsible ones talk/make regular humors, etc.!!!. Imams they are okay (not excellent) at their job but they really lack few true qualities of being a fine Imam when it comes to roles and responsibilities. Older Kids are allowed to stand in the row and even in first row with their shorts above their knees. Imam or others don’t say anything !!! Is this Correct ? . Anything other than prayer and the sanctity of the mosque; is secondary to me.

Springfield, VA
NR  Well managed place for worshipping Allah. Very convenient for me as it is across the street from
our house. Walk to mosque in America just like in my motherland RawalPindi, Paakistan. Mashallah!
Parking can be a hassle at times for
Jummah salaat. Built behind the Bradlick SC where they tow cars of
worshippers going for prayers.
Worshippers using chairs to pray on
make it difficult for rest of us if they
use front rows to insert chairs in the
rows. A new sign needs to remind them to use chairs in rear rows.

Arlington, VA
NR  MashAllah nice mosque and the imam has a beautiful voice. Nice environment ...

San Francisco, CA
★★★★  This mosque used to offer a very comprehensive tutoring program for K-12 students I hope they still offer it. It is very easy to become a volunteer.

United States
★★★  Good masjid however the imam is very open and intermingling between boys and girls us a problem. Most of the people that go there are afghan and they are a bit rude to people of other cultures. Again it's a good masjid but they just have to adjust a few things inshallah.

Washington, DC
★★★★★  It should be noted that the Mustafa Center DOES have its own parking lot and has additional parking behind the masjid. It also sits adjacent to a shopping plaza. In short, you never have to worry about parking. The Mustafa Center itself is a beautiful building. It stands out amongst the commercial buildings and residences. It is a good representation of Islam; architecturally it projects a message of both peace and strength. The community at the Mustafa Center is mostly Afghani but even within the past year it has begun to attract a wider variety of Muslims including Arabs, Malaysians, Indonesians and American converts. The atmosphere is very, very laid back and people will talk with you here. The Mustafa Center is not as busy as the ADAMS Center or Dar Al Hijra but it makes up for this with an active, friendly congregation and a variety of programs for both children and adults. In fact, unlike many area masjids, you can always expect to find kids here - making salaat, reading, quietly playing while parents make salaat, etc. Look for the Mustafa Center to become more and more popular as it advocates a moderate worldview, avoids regional, religious-politics and Wahhabi rhetoric, engages with the local community in an easy fashion - all while meeting the spiritual and ideological needs of its congregation.

Los Angeles, CA
★★★★★  Beautiful Masjid

Fairfax Station, VA
★★★★★  Great Peaceful place to pray. I have heard the masjid no longer faces qibla is off by 30 degrees.

Washington, DC
★★★★  Pretty and clean mosque that gets packed for jumah.

Arlington, VA
★★★★  I remember coming to jum'a prayer with my 2-year old in tow (I am the father, BTW). When one person in the men's section came to me and suggested harshly that I either leave w/my son or send him "back with your wife" (my wife was not in attendance), the other men around me rallied to my side and said not to pay any attention to the man. That speaks volumes about the character of the people who attend this masjid.

Owings Mills, MD
★★★  Beautiful Mosque, active community, packed for Jummah prayer, there are 2 Jummah prayer sessions.

Alexandria, VA
★★★★★  Nice and clean and peaceful. Has improved a lot since its inception in terms of diversity and services. Friendly staff.

Stillwater, OK
★★★★  It's pretty good. Sadly, they raised the barrier in the women's area. It used to be short, so that if women were sitting, they couldn't be seen but when you stood up you were visible -which shouldn't matter since everyone's praying. Now, you have to peer through a bigger barrier.

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